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Amanda Parent
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19A-0214 Janitorial Supplies Equipment and Services - Direct Online Order

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Direct Order
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Direct order contract.

WAXIE Sanitary Supply provides:

  • Janitorial Supplies
  • Cleaners
  • Paper and Sanitary Products
  • Cleaning Equipment / Machines
  • Equipment / Machine Rental
  • Equipment / Machine Training
  • Preventive Maintenance Services

    Excluded Items:

    Smallwares and Facility Cleaning Services


    About The Vendor:

    WAXIE Sanitary Supply is the industry leader in the distribution of quality sanitary and janitorial supplies and equipment to the educational, institutional, commercial, and contractor markets.

    WAXIE offers over 2,500 janitorial and sanitary items to our customers with a focus on reducing your total spend. WAXIE provides the highest quality products, supplies, tools and equipment all under one roof. From the basics you use every day – toilet tissue, hand soaps and sanitizers, cleaners, trash can liners, mops, and safety supplies – to more specialized items like floor care machinery, dilution control systems, washroom partitions, and more, WAXIE is the single source for all your maintenance needs.

    In addition to a broad range of cleaning and facility maintenance product solutions, WAXIE's industry specialists are able to provide on-site expertise and product support, education and training on best practices, and equipment repair service and support. An online catalog is available for each Mohave Cooperative member to order, access pricing and review details of our product offering.

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    Contract Documents:

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    • Compliance Questionnaire: A copy of the USFR Compliance Questionnaire with Mohave's response to each item. Direction is provided to confirm Mohave's response.
    • RFP Determination: A copy of the written determination prepared prior to using a request for proposals. (Only applies to JOC contracts as of 7/1/14.)
    • Bidders List and Bid Opening: Copies of the bidders list showing registered vendors receiving the solicitation notice, the bid or proposal receipt log substantiating the date and time bids or proposals were received, and the public opening record.
    • IFB or RFP: A copy of the complete IFB or RFP. Addenda, if any, are included.
    • Request for Best & Final Offer: A copy of the Request for Best & Final Offers issued for competitive sealed proposals.
    • Bid or Proposal: A copy of the bid or proposal submitted by the vendor. For proposals, the vendor's best & final offer, if any, is included in this file.
    • Award, Extensions and Amendments: Copies of the evaluation and award documents, contract extensions and contract amendments, if applicable.
    • Pricing Summary: Document indicating where to access pricing for the contract. Also includes additional pricing comparison document used during the evaluation process.
    • Due Diligence Tutorial: A step-by-step guide to assist in performing due diligence reviews of Mohave contracts.

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    More Info:

    Direct Order contract.

    User Guide: WAXIE-User_Guide.pdf
    Process Type:  Direct Order

    Vendor: Waxie Sanitary Supply
    Vendor DBA: Waxie Sanitary Supply