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4802 East Ray Road, #23-414
Phoenix AZ 85044

Main Contact:
Lisa Andrus
Phone: 602-694-0303


18K-0809 Professional Consulting (IT Systems and E-Rate)

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Procurement Specialist:
Erin Gordon

Contract Specialist
Mike Nentwig, CPPB

Audit Specialist:
Aracely Rivas


Hye Tech Network and Security Solutions, LLC provides:

  • Professional Consulting Services for IT Systems


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About The Vendor:

HyeTech was founded in 2005 and is a locally owned small business. HyeTech's focus has been to provide clients, throughout the State of Arizona, with superior solutions for their technology challenges while accounting for scalable environments to enable future growth. Each new project is viewed as an opportunity to forge a long-term working relationship with our clients. This commitment requires HyeTech to examine the immediate goals for the current project as well as future strategies that the leadership has for business growth and expansion. HyeTech engineers possesses a unique in-depth knowledge of networking, security, telephony and systems as well as an intimate understanding of the inner workings of large businesses and educational institutions. This broad understanding of both the technical and business needs, allows HyeTech to provide a team of highly skilled technology professionals best suited to meet and exceed the client's needs in all phases of a project.

Mohave Pricing:

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Contract Documents:

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  • Compliance Questionnaire: A copy of the USFR Compliance Questionnaire with Mohave's response to each item. Direction is provided to confirm Mohave's response.
  • RFP Determination: A copy of the written determination prepared prior to using a request for proposals. (Only applies to JOC contracts as of 7/1/14.)
  • Bidders List and Bid Opening: Copies of the bidders list showing registered vendors receiving the solicitation notice, the bid or proposal receipt log substantiating the date and time bids or proposals were received, and the public opening record.
  • IFB or RFP: A copy of the complete IFB or RFP. Addenda, if any, are included.
  • Request for Best & Final Offer: A copy of the Request for Best & Final Offers issued for competitive sealed proposals.
  • Bid or Proposal: A copy of the bid or proposal submitted by the vendor. For proposals, the vendor's best & final offer, if any, is included in this file.
  • Award, Extensions and Amendments: Copies of the evaluation and award documents, contract extensions and contract amendments, if applicable.
  • Pricing Summary: Document indicating where to access pricing for the contract. Also includes additional pricing comparison document used during the evaluation process.
  • Due Diligence Tutorial: A step-by-step guide to assist in performing due diligence reviews of Mohave contracts.

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Vendor: Hye Tech Network & Security Solutions, LLC
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