Request a New Contract

Note: This form is for Mohave members only. Requests from vendors will not be processed.

This short form can be used to request Mohave solicitations for materials, equipment, services, and construction.

Mohave's Contracts Team reviews each request. However, completion of this form does not guarantee a new contract. When determining whether to contract for new materials, equipment, services, or construction, Mohave considers the following:

  • Does the request appear to offer a viable contract opportunity for Mohave's membership?
  • Does this appear to be material, equipment, service, or construction with purchase volume sufficient to support a contract?
  • Can a quality competitive procurement solicitation be developed for the requested material, equipment, service, or construction?
  • Is it reasonable to anticipate that such a solicitation would result in a quality contract?
  • Would Mohave be able to successfully manage such a contract?

Other considerations applicable to the requested material, equipment, service, or construction. Additionally, if a solicitation is issued, there is no guarantee that a recommended manufacturer and/or vendor will be awarded a contract.


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Note: This area is for member suggestions and is not intended for potential vendors. If you wish to apply as a vendor, please go to the Potential Bidder Sign-Up page.


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New Contract Request Information:

Description of material, equipment, service or contruction requested.
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Brand, model, product line, vendor, contractor, etc., that provides the material, equipment, service or construction requested.