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Prospective Bidders Sign Up

Mohave issues competitive procurement solicitations for contracts for the use of its members. The Prospective Bidders Sign-Up database is used to compile a bidders list for the Invitations for Bid (IFB) or Requests for Proposal (RFP) offered by Mohave. Being a registered prospective bidder does not qualify a vendor as a Mohave contractor, but gives the vendor the means to be notified by email of upcoming procurement solicitations in the categories specified in the registration process. When notified of an IFB or RFP, the vendor may download bid documents from the Procurement Solicitations page or request the documents to be sent by mail or email.

Vendors, Please Note the Following:

Please note only vendors who can provide goods/services and who can enter into a contract with Mohave will be allowed to remain registered as a prospective bidder.  Mohave will review and purge any records of organizations determined to be unable to provide goods/services requested in the solicitations. Requests from non-vendors for copies of solicitations and/or bid tabulations, may be denied if it has been determined that the only purpose for obtaining the information is to post to a third-party website.

Mohave sends out notices via email. To ensure you receive all notices, you should take steps to make sure messages from the domain '' are not classified as junk mail or otherwise routed away from your intended recipient.

Please contact our contract team, by email at or by phone at 928-753-6945.

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