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Vendor Contract Description
L.N. Curtis and sons L.N. Curtis and sons provides Firefighter Turnouts Sales and Service (including cleaning and repair), firefighter Uniforms and accessories, Gear Dryers, Extraction Tools, Rescue Equipment, Ladders and accessories, Fire Fighting Foam and Accessories, Firefighter Equipment, Wildland Equipment, Gear, Pumps and Apparel, Breathing Apparatus, Generators, Firefighting and Municipal Hoses, Hazmat Shelters and Firefighter Training, Manikins and Literature. Vendor also offers on-site training for Firefighter related equipment.
Lakeshore Learning Materials Lakeshore Learning Materials is a local in-store and online retailer that specializes in classroom and office supplies, and instructional aids. Lakeshore offers their own private label supplies. Lakeshore also offers in-store procurements, with two stores in Phoenix.
Liberty Paper DD Office Products Inc. dba Liberty Paper provides large quantity orders for white copy paper.
Logicalis, Inc. Logicalis, Inc. provides sales and installation of PBX, VoIP telecommunication systems. Products are: Avaya and Cisco.
Logicalis, Inc. Logicalis, Inc. provides security alarm and access control; video surveillance systems; multimedia presentation systems; television signal distribution systems; permanent sound systems for buildings; building and campus intercommunication systems; and master clocks.
Logicalis, Inc. Logicalis, Inc. provides E-Rate eligible internal connections products, installation, and services. Their manufacturers include: Allen Tel, APC, Cisco, Commscope, EMC, Fortinet, HP, Meraki, NetAPPS, Nutanix, Ruckus, TerraWave, TrippLite, VMWare, and Zhone. SPIN #143004779 Form 470 Application Number: 190015932 NOTE: Contract has an initial 54-month term which expires on 9/7/2023. This contract does not require annual renewals. Also: Per the contract’s Award, Extensions and Amendments in due diligence, Prices in Mohave's E-rate contracts do not include the one-percent (1%) administration fee.