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Vendor Contract Description
GBS Books Gift of Words, LLC. dba GBS Books offers local in-store purchases at their Phoenix location. They offer titles for: early childhood education books, elementary education books, secondary education books, juvenile and young adult books, trade books, quality paperbacks, mass market paperbacks, non-trade texts, interactive books, classroom book sets, CD’s including music, dictionaries and thesauri, Blu-rays and DVD’s, audio books, teacher resource guides, reference books, and professional development.
GCON, Inc. GCON, Inc. provides a full service general contracting management of all JOC projects. They oversee the entire construction process with their in-house staff and with the use of qualified subcontractors. UPB, and Open Book pricing methodologies were offered along with maintenance services and extended warranties. NOTE: Member must choose UPB or open book pricing before requesting a quote.
General Acrylics, Inc. General Acrylics does construction, reconstruction, surfacing, resurfacing and striping of running tracks.
General Acrylics, Inc. General Acrylics supplies Synthetic Turf Systems that include sports fields and landscaping. Services included site work, turf installation, repair, maintenance. General Acrylics will also provide maintenance equipment and supplies.
General Acrylics, Inc. General Acrylics, Inc. provides construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of outdoor sports courts that include basketball, bocce, pickleball, tennis, volleyball and other related outdoor sports courts. Maintenance services include resurfacing, court striping, and repair/replacement of equipment. They provide a complete solution for any outdoor sports courts. General Acrylics is also the manufacturer of Gameco Products for surfacing courts.
General Acrylics, Inc. General Acrylics does construction, reconstruction, surfacing, resurfacing and striping of running tracks.
General Parts and Service, LLC. General Parts and Service provides food service equipment parts and repair, relocation, installations of member purchased equipment, water filtration systems and service, and maintenance services. General Parts and Service installs and sells new commercial food disposers. Manufacturers include: AccuTemp; Alto Sham; American Dish Services; Aqua Scrubber; BeverageAir; BevLes; Blodgett; Bohn; Bunn; Cambro; Carter-Hoffman; Cleveland; CMA; Crescor; Delfield; Dormont; Duke; Edlund; Fleetwood; Fry Master; FWE; Garland; Hobart; Hoshizaki; ISE; Kitchen Aid; Manitowoc; Metro; and others.
Ghaster Painting & Coatings, Inc Ghaster Painting & Coatings, Inc. offers products from the following painting and coating manufacturers: Behr; Benjamin Moore (one product price); Dunn Edwards; PPG; Rainguard; and Sherwin Williams. Ghaster Painting & Coatings, Inc. provides a three-year warranty on exterior work, a 5% volume discount, and a maintenance service plan for Mohave members.
Global Roofing Group Sprayfoam Southwest, Inc. dba Global Roofing Group provides services for installation, repair, and restoration of roofing systems for the following manufacturers: APOC, BASF, GAF, Geogard, and Johns Manville.
GMI (formerly NVision Networking, Inc.) GMI (formerly NVision Networking, Inc.) provides professional services and product procurement for VoIP and hosted VoIP solutions. They offer design, implementation and support engineering. Their product offerings include Cisco, Meraki and Barracuda, as well as other OEMs to support all telecommunication needs.
GMI (formerly NVision Networking, Inc.) GMI (formerly NVision Networking, Inc.) provides: Cloud computing, cloud services, cloud applications and cloud storage. Also included is the designing, consulting, building and supporting of cloud infrastructures. Contract vendor may provide members cloud security consultation and may provide data encryption. Hardware and software are allowed but only as a total solution.
GMI (formerly NVision Networking, Inc.) GMI (formerly NVision Networking, Inc.) provides professional consulting services for IT Systems.
GMI (formerly NVision Networking, Inc.) GMI (formerly NVision Networking, Inc.) provides E-Rate eligible internal connections products, installation and services. Manufacturers include: APC Maintenance, Aruba, Barracuda, Cisco, Fortinet, HPE, Meraki, and Tessco. SPIN #143016450 Form 470 Application Number: 190015932 NOTE: Contract has an initial 54-month term which expires on 9/7/2023. This contract does not require annual renewals.
Goals, Inc. Goals, Inc. provides Professional Consulting Services for business services, curriculum, and grant writing.
GovConnection, Inc. dba Connection Public Sector Solutions Direct online order. Connection Public Sector Solutions offers sales and service for all major computers and peripheral manufacturers. Products include audio visual and presentation equipment and accessories. Accidental damage insurance available for some products. Contact contract vendor for more details.
Grads Photography Grads Photography provides portrait, classroom and special events photography. They also provide graduation supplies, yearbook publishing and production.
Gym Source Gym Source provides: Fitness and strength equipment, athletic equipment, fitness service and fitness machines. Manufacturers include: Prism Fitness, Espresso Go,Muscle D, Unified Fitness Group, Hoist Fitness, Schwinn Fitness, Stairmaster, Tuff, Hampton Fitness, Lemond Fitness, Octane Fitness, Troy Barbell, Cybex, and True Fitness.